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The Hummingbird is a unique tiny bird which has many varieties (350 species). Just like the children we nurture, they represent diversity.


Hummingbirds, like many insects, are essential for flower pollination.

The successful transfer of pollen in and between flowers of the same plant species leads to fertilisation, successful seed development and fruit production.

This then can be said to stand for nurturing growth and development.

Hummingird. Nurturing tomorrow’s generation

Just like the Michael Jackson song, we believe that our children are our future. Every child deserves the right to enjoy a healthy childhood, to be happy, healthy and have access to a good education.

We exist to promote positive values in all children. To nurturing a culture of positivity among young individuals, empowering them, cultivating self-esteem and instilling in them a lifelong learning attitude. Creating opportunities, promoting cultural diversity and empowering the local community that supports them.

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